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Do I Have Anxiety? – Test

Have you been wondering, “Do I have anxiety?” Take the test below to help determine if you have a problem.

When answering the questions, choose the answer your feel best indicates how you have been feeling.

1) Do you feel a need to preempt anything unforeseen?
2) Do you plan every last detail?
3) Do you sometimes lose your temper because things don’t go according to those plans?
4) Do you have a hard time tolerating uncertainty?
5) Do you find yourself driven up the wall by people who are laid back?
6) Do you find yourself worrying about having a panic attack or anxiety attacks?
7) Do you find yourself constantly worrying about bad things that could happen?
8) Do you have persistent anxious thoughts on most days of the week?
9) Does your anxiety interfere with your daily life, around work and home?
10) Do you find yourself lying awake worrying about specific problems or nothing in particular?
11) Do you wake up feeling wired up with your mind racing?
12) Do you feel anxious about specific situation or thing—like flying, animals, or crowds to the point tha the fear becomes overwhelming, disruptive, and way out of proportion to the actual risk involved?
13) Do you experience constant muscle tension like clenching your jaw, balling your fists, or flexing muscles?
14) Do you experience frequent stomachaches, cramping, bloating, gas, constipation, and/or diarrhea?
15) Do you worry for days leading up to a particular event or situation?
16) Do you dwell on a particular situation or opinion you may have expressed for a long time afterward, wondering how you were judged?
17) Do you experience panic attacks? (a sudden, gripping feeling of fear and helplessness that can last for several minutes, accompanied by scary physical symptoms such as breathing problems, a pounding or racing heart, tingling or numb hands, sweating, weakness or dizziness, chest pain, stomach pain, and feeling hot or cold)
18) Do you worry about contamination through germs, chemicals, radiation or getting a serious contagious illness such as AIDS?
19) Have you worried about acting on an unwanted and senseless urge or impulse, such as physically harming a loved one, pushing a stranger in front of a bus, steering your car into oncoming traffic; inappropriate sexual contact; or poisoning dinner guests?

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It is important to remember that if anxiety is diminishing your quality of life, it deserves to be treated. Don’t pay attention to labels like “mild” or “severe.” If you suffer from anxiety, get help.