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After finishing college, I trained as a journalist. I loved it! Looking back I realize that what I enjoyed most were the human-interest stories. Of course, makes sense, right? I loved to hear about people: their struggles and their triumphs.

However, instead of pursuing a career in journalism I took up a job as a Technical Editor at a software company. The money was good, but I was bored out of my mind.   I worked all day alone in a cubicle. Where were the people? People are what energizes me.

Well, it was a valuable lesson learned. This is what happens when you listen to other people instead of listening to yourself and trust that you know what is right for you.

As I was considering what to do next, there was a turn of events in my life and I moved to the US. Instead of finding another similar job, I began to look for volunteer opportunities. I found at at a counseling agency. I manned the crisis hotline, heard people’s stories and pointed them to the next step they could take. I didn’t do any real counseling but I loved it! I began to looked forward to Thursdays.

Taking stock, I realized that therapy was my passion. I applied and was accepted into the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Virginia Tech. After that there was no looking back.

After graduating, I worked at counseling agencies for several years and then started my private practice in April of 2005. As I continued this journey, I realized that I loved working with people who were struggling to free themselves from addictions or compulsive behaviors and their families. I understood what they were experiencing not just from my training at school but in deeper way (perhaps from the gut)?

I began to attend training programs to deepen my knowledge and understanding of addictions. I trained in Sex Addiction with Dr. Pat Carnes who is a pioneer in the often misunderstood field of Sex Addiction. As I continued to work with Addictions, I realized how anxiety and past trauma are related and often causal not just for the person with an addiction but also their partners and spouses.

In 2011 I completed a training program for Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist and in 2014, I completed training in Mindfuless based Relapse Prevention. Maintaining sobriety is as important as achieving it.

Overcoming the urges for destructive behaviors can be very hard and I understand that. The one thing that you will not get from me is judgment.   I treat people with compassion and non-judgment. At the same I will hold you to your commitment of overcoming this challenge. I will support you and guide you every step of the way.